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Safety management

I am responsible for my safety. I am responsible for the safety of others.
Through the joint efforts of all employees, accidents can be prevented or avoided.
Safety comes from design. Low-risk, low-pollution, low-consumption green processes are the foundation for safety.
Everyone's compliance is a decisive factor in achieving safety and efficiency.
The loss caused by one risky failure is far greater than the gain from the ninety-nine risky successes.

safe manufacturing standardization

By establishing a safety production responsibility system, formulating safety management systems and operating procedures, investigating and managing hidden dangers and monitoring major sources of danger, establishing preventive mechanisms, and standardizing production behaviors, all production links meet the requirements of relevant safety production laws and regulations and standards. Machinery, materials, and environment are in a good state of production, and continuous improvement is being made to continuously strengthen the standardized construction of enterprise safety production.

In accordance with the requirements of the General Standard for Safety Standardization of Hazardous Chemicals Business Units (AQ3013-2008), the company has comprehensively carried out work safety standardization。 Establish the “Safety Production Responsibility System (Trial)”, implement the production safety responsibilities of leaders and departments at all levels; formulate and implement the “Compilation of Work Safety Management System (Trial)”; at the same time, formulate safety production targets based on the actual situation of production safety, and implement Long-term adherence to various tasks, including the implementation of job standards, the promotion of HAZOP methods, the deepening of hidden danger investigations, the improvement of various rules and regulations, the promotion of safety culture knowledge training, and the strengthening of safety management team construction。

At present, Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory, Vitamin Factory, and Laiyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. are second-level safety standardization enterprises.

Production Safety Responsibility

After a long period of safety production and labor protection management practices, the company summed up and formulated the "Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Safety Production Responsibility System (Trial)", which clearly stipulates the levels of managers and departments to implement in accordance with the principle of "who is in charge and who is responsible". Responsibilities for production safety, the affiliated units have respectively formulated the "Responsibility System for Production Safety", which specifies the safety responsibilities that leaders, departments, workshops, relevant technical personnel and production workers should each bear in the production process, and fully implements the production safety responsibility system , From horizontal to edge, vertical to the end. Leaders at all levels attach great importance to work safety and labor protection. Leaders and employees perform their duties and responsibilities, forming a complete and systematic work safety management model.

Emergency Plan

At the company level, the "Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Emergency Plan" was formulated, which clearly stipulated the duties of emergency organizations, accident prevention, emergency response, and post-emergency events. The affiliated units have formulated comprehensive emergency plans, special emergency plans and on-site emergency treatment plans in accordance with their own production characteristics and geographical environment, and formulated a workshop-level emergency escape system to improve emergency management, fire management, and emergency rescue systems. There are emergency rescue organizations such as emergency detachments and medical departments, equipped with professional emergency rescue equipment and infrastructure. The affiliated unit regularly organizes emergency drills and special skills competitions, etc., tests the emergency capabilities of employees, and revises emergency plans in a timely manner.

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