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System Certification

The company implements, implements and passes the OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification。 Commitment to comply with laws, regulations and other requirements, proactive compliance, reduce or eliminate occupational safety and health risks, ensure that all employees can be provided with an environment in which occupational safety and health requirements are controlled, and that the various interests of employees and related parties are met。

Occupational disease prevention

Develop an occupational health management system, strictly implement the "three simultaneous" system in which occupational disease protection facilities for construction projects must be designed, constructed and put into use at the same time as the main facilities, implement a system for notification of occupational disease hazards, and carry out training on prevention of occupational disease hazards.

Arrange occupational health checkups, including health checkups before, during, during and after leaving work, and acute occupational disease hazards; occupational health monitoring of employees exposed to various occupational hazards; supervision of relevant parties' occupational health activities; and patients with suspected occupational disease Implement diagnosis and medical observation; establish management files for occupational disease patients, and implement medical treatment, rehabilitation and protection for occupational disease patients.

Carry out investigation, identification and declaration of occupational disease hazards, establish occupational health files, and carry out regular determination and evaluation of occupational disease hazards.

Health knowledge promotion

According to the characteristics of the industry, provide employees with occupational health knowledge training, popularize common knowledge on occupational disease prevention and occupational health, guide employees to establish correct health concepts, master correct health knowledge, and choose a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, in combination with seasonal characteristics, publicize knowledge about heatstroke and cooling, antifreeze and antiskid.

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