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Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory Holds
2018 Advanced Commendation Conference


On the morning of January 23, 2019, the 2018 Advanced Commendation Conference of Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory was held in the Party Member Activity Room on the fourth floor of the old factory area of Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory. The director of the factory, the head of the department, the director of the workshop and some representatives of advanced workers attended the meeting.

The meeting first commended the advanced quality collectives of 2018: Workshop 101, Workshop 207, Workshop 302, and Workshop 602, and Yu Yuqing, Deputy Plant Manager and Manager of Quality Management Department, presented them with awards。

Subsequently, the advanced safety and environmental protection collectives in 2018 were awarded: the 116th workshop, the 308th workshop, and the fleet; the advanced environmental protection collectives: the 201st workshop, the 302th workshop, the 608th workshop, and the equipment management section of the engineering equipment department. Jin Jiahua, deputy director and safety director, presented their awards.

Afterwards, the advanced scientific and technological collectives of 2018: Preparation Technology Center, Synthesis Technology Center, Research Institute SW project team, and Sun Xinqiang, the deputy director of the factory, awarded them.

Finally, the conference commended the 2018 advanced plant-level collectives: 105 workshops, 118 workshops, 218 workshops, 306 workshops, 309 workshops, 603 workshops, quality control department microbiology testing room, linezolid API and preparation project team, safety and environmental supervision Ministry of Environmental Protection, Engineering Equipment Department of Infrastructure Construction Department, Storage Department, Human Resources Department. Lv Xufeng, the Party Secretary of the factory, the director of the factory, and Jin Junjiang, the deputy director of the factory and the manager of the production and operation department, presented awards to them.

After the advanced collective awards were completed, the host introduced the awards of advanced workers in 2018.

At the end of the meeting, the moderator concluded that in the face of the new 2019, we must breathe with the company and share our fate, each with its own responsibilities and efforts, and continue to implement the eight-character policy of "reform, standardization, innovation, and conservation。" Keep in mind the company's strategy and tasks, and implement various tasks to the forefront, and work hard to jointly build and realize the grand dream of Zhejiang Medicine's "hundred-year-old shop"。

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