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Establish a new production base


Establish a new production base


Establish a new production base


New base takes shape

In 2014, Zhejiang Changhai Biological Co., Ltd. was absorbed and merged to establish Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Changhai Biological Branch.

In 2018, the Changhai Biological Industrial Park began to take shape, and most of the first-phase projects have been completed and put into production.


Established new production base

Significant technological innovation achievements in 2010, three projects were included in the National New Drug Development Major Project; high-purity marigold lutein and zeaxanthin purification, transformation, and microencapsulation research and industrialization projects won the first prize of scientific and technological progress of China Light Industry Federation Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory's innovation team was included in the first batch of "Provincial Key Enterprise Technology Innovation Team" by the Zhejiang Province Personnel Department.

In April 2011, under the auspices of Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission, the company's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" passed the demonstration。

In July 2011, after a long-term inspection and scientific demonstration, the company's new production base was laid in the Shaoxing Binhai New City Biological Industrial Park。 According to the plan, the new base will be built into a biomedical product production base with advanced production technology, complete facilities, serialized products, in line with international certification standards, world-class life nutrition products, specialty drug substances and preparations。

The first non-public offering of shares since listing was completed in August 2012, and net funds raised were 1。25 billion yuan, all of which were invested in the "Construction Project for the Export Base of Life Nutrition, Specialty APIs and Preparations" being implemented by Zhejiang Changhai Biological Co。, Ltd。 。


Stick to your main business

Since the establishment of the company, it has always been guided by the scientific concept of development, adhered to innovation as the key link, and unwavered the main pharmaceutical industry。 Advantage, achieve two transformations "(developing product advantages, market advantages, quality advantages, transforming product advantages into quality advantages, and transforming quality advantages into market advantages)。 Insist on technological innovation and continuously improve the level of product technology and economy, so that the company's leading product production, quality and service reach the world's leading level。

Beginning in the second half of 2007, as the price of fat-soluble vitamin products rebounded sharply, the company's strategic products with years of scientific research and concentrated operation finally achieved fruitful results, and sales revenue and profit reached new highs year by year. In 2007, sales revenue was 2.209 billion yuan, and net profit was 566 million yuan; in 2008, sales revenue was 3.761 billion yuan, and net profit was 973 million yuan; in 2009, sales revenue was 4.184 billion yuan, and net profit was 1.213 billion yuan. The industry is among the best.


Split share reform

"Reply on Issues Related to the Share Merger Reform of Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." presented by the shareholders meeting of Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Share Merger Reform and issued by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council in February 2006 (Guo Asset Right [2006] 159) Approved, the implementation of the split share structure reform in March 2006 further improved the company's governance structure, the shareholders' interests became more consistent, and brought new momentum to the company's subsequent development.


Coenzyme Q10 successfully launched

In 2005, relying on its strong technology accumulation and R & D capabilities, the company became a domestic manufacturer of coenzyme Q10 using fermentation method。 Its technical and economic level has reached the advanced level in the world, and its economic benefits are remarkable。


The company develops steadily

In 2003, the management of the company successfully completed the replacement of old and new. Comrade Jin Biao, an old generation leader who has made significant contributions to the development of the company, resigned as chairman of the board. In the “combined” development strategy and the overall improvement of core competitiveness, the company continued to develop steadily and healthily.


Comprehensive integration of company internal resources

After the company's stock was listed, with the strong support of government departments at all levels, the company's internal resources were fully integrated. Through market transfers such as equity transfers, asset restructuring, and foreign investment cleanup, it effectively solved the problem of local Contradictions such as taxation and finance existing between the governments and some problems within the enterprise that are not conducive to the development of the enterprise have initially established a standardized corporate governance structure and modern enterprise system, and the company has entered a new development track.

In 2001, the natural "natural d-α-vitamin E process technology" project won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2000; in October 2001, the first high-tech product VH was listed in China; in September 2002, Paojiang Vitamin Factory No。 1 The project was successfully put into production, and the production capacity of synthetic VE products reached 10,000 tons。 In the same year, trial production of vitamin A and β-carotene was completed。 The company's fat-soluble vitamin products became increasingly rich and complete。


On May 16, 1997, it was approved by Zhejiang Securities Commission Zhejiang Securities Commission [1997] No。 57 Document。 The merger of the former Zhejiang Xinchang Pharmaceutical Co。, Ltd。, Zhejiang Xianju Pharmaceutical Group Co。, Ltd。 and Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co。, Ltd。 Established Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Co。, Ltd。

On August 11, 1999, with the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission's Securities Regulatory Issue [1999] No. 99, Zhejiang Pharmaceuticals issued 58 million RMB ordinary shares to the public for the first time. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on October 21, 1999. The stock is referred to as "Zhejiang Medicine" and the stock code is "600216".

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